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When it comes to business, we understand how important your reputation can be. TruTech Pest Control will work diligently and discreetly to ensure your facility becomes and stays pest free, that’s our commitment – to you.

A client noticing an insect or rodent roaming through your facility should not be your only concern. Pests and Wildlife can be extremely hazardous to human health and can result in serious infections , asthma attacks and in some cases, death. It is important to protect both your employees and the public from the risks associated with these pests. 

We are here to help prevent you from experiencing any adverse effects associated with a pest problem at your facility.  TruTech Pest Control believes in satisfying their clients with the most effective and efficient services. As a partner you can trust, we will help you avoid legal penalties, shutdowns or a hit to your reputation on an ongoing basis.

Big or small, we service them all! Give us a Call Today for a free inspection and quote.

Local Pest Control Service Technician
Hotels and Restaurants

TruTech Pest Control has managed to implement IPM by dividing its procedures into different systemic categories:

  • Exclusion
  • Restriction
  • Monitoring
  • Destruction
Industrial facilities
commercial pest control

Integrated Pest Management Services (IPM)

TruTech Pest Control has expertise in IPM, the most effective method to eradicate pests from a facility.

IPM is considered to be a more systematic approach in dealing with any infected facility which allows TruTech Pest Control to address every infected location so that the client won’t face embarrassment in front of customers due to  bugs or pests.

IPM allows TruTech Pest Control to apply other strategies which involve methods and materials for minimizing the impact of bugs. Use of chemicals for removal of pests has never been a priority for TruTech Pest Control while applying IPM because TruTech Pest Control acknowledges how harmful chemicals can be in a closed facility where ventilation cannot take place up to an optimal level.


Preventative pest control to stop pests from getting into business, or residential properties by safeguarding entry points, and securing the buildings envelope.


Containing an existing pest infestation by removing food, water and harbourage sites.


Using advanced solutions, TruTech Pest Control will develop a custom program to effectively eliminate pests from your business and property.


TruTech Pest Control uses a variety of methods to monitor and ensure your pest control program continues to work long term.