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Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs have been one of the most common problems in households the world over. Some people have in-house remedies which they try, but sooner or later the bugs are back.

TruTech Pest Control has adopted more scientifically tried and tested method, which allow us to eliminate bed bugs fast and effectively. We use a combination of Heat, Dust, Chemical Spray and Encasements to hit Bed Bugs from all angles. 

By approaching the Bed Bug treatment using multiple methods, it greatly reduces the amount of chemical and time required to effectively treat the infestation. This results in a healthier, more environmentally friendly treatment.

TruTech Pest Control is a certified company among all regulatory bodies and we have our products verified from all governing agencies. The machinery we use for bug free operation are also well equipped with all the relative sensors which keep the intensity of released chemical and heat in certain quantity that doesn’t leave any excessive product in the air which would cause any sort of harm to human skin.

We have a highly trained staff and customer support team which is available 7 days a week to assist our valued customers. Our team is happy to walk you through the service process step by step and answer all of your questions.

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How TruTech Pest Control Conducts
Bed Bug Removal Treatment

TruTech Pest Control visits the location after confirmation of services and after the visit the team prepares an outline of how to eliminate the target pest.

The machinery the technicians are equipped with  are chemical sprayers, heat guns & steamers. Heat guns and steamers are set to an optimal temperature which falls between 122°-130°. The heat is given to all the infected places by our qualified technicians who are aware of right protocols and SOPs. The sensors attached to heat guns and steamers allow the technicians to verify the appropriate heat by sensing the temperature in treated areas.

Through heat treatment on infected areas, all stages of life of the bed bugs die including their eggs.

On second visit composition of chemical which is entirely and purely manufactured for killing the bed bug is being sprayed in a controlled amount to remove all the residue. The machinery carried by technicians have the sensors which allow technicians to have a real time check and balance about what places they have treated.

The operation of bed bug removal is typically comprised of 2 visits, depending on the severity of the bug’s infestation.


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