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About Us

TruTech Pest Control is not just a business. It’s an initiative towards building a safe and secure environment for our facilities and homes. Considering the challenges faced by people, TruTech Pest Control brings the most effective and efficient solutions for getting rid of pests.

TruTech Pest Control was founded because we witnessed a number of companies in the market taking advantage of people by conducting substandard operations for a hefty cost. This results in financial loss and stress.

We understand that paying for pest control can be a high expense, but TruTech Pest Control believes in providing exceptional value to our customers.  Once we conduct our operations, our customers won’t need to worry about pests anymore. TruTech Pest Control is a certified multi-provincial company which has successfully managed to satisfy customers across Canada.

Our Mission Statement

We adhere to the legal, environmental and public relations aspect of every pest and insect control assignment. Our goal has always been to preserve a safe and healthy living environment through the proper application of approved materials and techniques.

Our Vision

At TruTech Pest Control, we believe that it is every persons right to live and work in a healthy, pest free environment. We work diligently to ensure this becomes a reality.

We strongly believe that a healthy, pest free home or business can be accomplished while limiting the use of harmful chemicals. We take pride in thinking outside the box, by implementing a variety of controls to manage your pest problems, not just using chemicals

Our Legacy

We believe in professional business activities. Being a corporate company, we have always conducted safe and secure operations for our clients. Along with that, we also act as a responsible company by offering our services in compliance with  environmental policies. We comply with all corporate social responsibilities.

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